The role of the Law of Octaves in inner work.  

The Law of octaves demand that all processes must be subjected to change at certain points. The process of creation, through the 3 forces, moving from Alpha to Omega for the deepening and widening of consciousness, initiated an aggregated process compelled by a force. This force, initially existed as a line of potentiality between the Omega and Alpha, but gradually formed points of deflections, where by processes could progress for this deepening and widening of consciousness. For one process to proceed it could only do so by the replication of its process on a smaller scale, to fit the needs for its potential path, fractalizing. Until a Multiplicity that works in Unity emerged.  

All processes, everything succumbs to octavic movement, everything exists on a scale of progression and continuity, as everything is vibration. With an initiatory movement, a movement of progression happens.  The defining character of this octavic movement, compelled by the Natural force of progress or regress, there are points of deflection where the movement changes in its amplitude. Normally one point of deflection is initiated by the movement/energy in the previous, which it is amplified by. A point of deflection is when one segment of progress or regress moves to the next. At certain points of deflection, the amplification is much more in deflect than the others, compelled by its nature.  This change in its state, the rate of deflection must increase and that change must be adjusted back on course by a third force or a point that stands above or outside the point where the movement is. Without this the amplitude will be slowed to the point of discontinuity or reversal, twisting, and turning. 

For instance, if I seek to do a certain thing, a task or so forth, at someone point, there will be a loss of interest, perhaps a loss of attention, a loss of intention, or a loss of vitality and all these losses could be from their own ascending octave. For it must be understood that only ascending octaves are those that deal with aim and application towards a higher ideal. In terms of inner work, in the microcosm of it, a lesser discontinuity is my inability to be attentive due to the lack of energy to maintain that connection, it will inevitably fall away by the wayside and to sleep I return, not even aware that I have forgotten. And while this attention is gone, it does not readily appear to me that it has happened.

So, you may ask where is the twist seen?

The octavic movement is both ascending and descending, the movement to be aware, is met with the movement to be automatic. As I try, I think I am working with attention, but in fact I am not, for often I am thinking about working with attention and that has replaced the actual work itself. At its beginning attention was there, but only for a moment and once my work becomes a thought from my mechanical part of mind, it slides right into the associative process which is tied to my connections to the world, which at any one point is lived in my last shifting of “I’s” which I perceive as all of me, at any time, when it is merely only a small fragment of myself.  The mere 1 point in consciousness I am reduced to, when before, there was more of me.  

This can be used with anything, as inner work with Self-Sensing, Divided-Attention, and Self-Observation, is the act of opening, bringing into your experience more of you, more collected, more contained, more unified to this point in existence. In a larger sense, what is common when working with being awareness is the eventual recognition that the inner work you were doing wasn’t actually happening, and in fact you were working in the wrong direction. This usually occurs due to an insight comes that is higher about what it means to actually work on self that you thought you knew. One finds their work has been only in their head, conceptual, and has yet to come into the parts that can actually do, even though they thought they were doing the whole time, but what they were actually being lead to work on, unbeknownst to them, was their attitude, which is perceived in the moment they see their illusion. My attitude towards myself, in how I perceive my respective parts and from what place in me are they seen, if actually seen at all? My Attitude towards my work, what I feel it means to work, is it to get rid of what I am and forsake my shortcomings and want to be whole, even God?   

You have to begin to understand that one of the reasons why you cannot work is that there exists in you a part that does not know what you want, does not believe in the work you are doing, and has very little interest in it. In you, are a cluster of mini, sub wills each willing itself to be, under a great illusion, the author of your actions, when it is merely a point within the cluster. Will should be in a blending straight line, I.e. concentrated, united, but it appears much like a chaotic scribble.  Each of these sub wills belong to a sub personality, that due to the octavic movement, perceives itself as the whole individual, that you take as the whole of you at any moment. While working, trying any task whatsoever, ultimately what you are trying to do is maintain a unified energy or in this case attention towards an aim that is strong, in a sense to put on the face of what a micro wholeness could be, a little wholeness, to act as if you have it in practice.  

Practical Tasks are designed to bring more of yourself to a moment, not just 1 part of the 3-fold nature of the physical you are constituted with, to get a taste of what it could mean to be a son of man and at the same time, to become confronted with, again and again your helplessness with respect to your automatic functions, your lower natures. But in this lies some important octavic principles, all efforts towards inner work fall within the Octave of Effort, and an effort to be true, must consist of more than 1 part of the 3-fold nature. So, a loss of effort, only to find yourself doing something else, is an example of octavic movement, as all octaves will have interruptions and will deviate. A personality will be seen as a whole, and due to the limitation caused by the octave, from personality to personality one will not be able to ordinarily differentiate between them. For how could you, if you are not there to see it, and remain saying “I” to all of them unconsciously? One has to always begin again, come back, to ones wish, one’s personal objective.  

It’s by a careful guise thrown up by the false personality for one to think that they will possess the same intention behind their work they had in the beginning, and it is also erroneous to imagine that one is rid of this sense of thinking they know because they have made some progression. Progression is upon a line that both evolves and involves, it’s never always in one direction only. It is a continual effort to both see this impulse, these tendencies and further come back to one’s real situation now, as they will NEVER BE GONE FOREVER, BUT WILL ALWAYS COME BACK, IN FACT THEY HAVE NEVER LEFT. It is why, the part that creates the twist, or discontinuity in you must become your companion and must be in view always.  

This is the point, all work on self, every part of it, exists within a larger Octave of Self transformation. It can be thought of as a destination not yet traveled to, you get the map, and there by acquiring the resources to begin your journey. In this larger Self Transformation, there are parts and there are methods, which are about of the resources that are essential. Each part of the method has a process and has its progress, for instance on my travel if it is far, I will need to be concerned with travel depending on the terrain that I will encounter on my way; Plane, car, boat, bike, boot, etc. I will have to pay, payment will be required, demanded. So it is with the method, each practice has its own octavic movement, otherwise the main Octave would go nowhere, as again, the Law suggests that nothing can go on the same way forever without interruption and EVERYTHING, doesn’t matter if it is material, spiritual,  psychological, or physiological – all is subject to it, a thought, feeling, so on. The Law of octaves is about the succession of progress of moments and of events. 

In this, with respect to work on self, not even failures exist, what is it that has failed? To fail assumes that you could succeed, the failure is a misunderstanding of a process of seeing and work, this relates to wrong attitude. What in me has failed? What in me is so unified that it can have notions about itself on this level? The ego-personality sees failure, for it believes it can BIG DO, from the 1 point in consciousness it abides by at any time. It’s like sin, what is a sin? Sin literally means missing the mark perhaps on knowledge not lived. And what stops one from being about to not live up to what they know? A divided automatic nature they DON’T know nor can see and while in life has no sense of, for ordinarily they do not exist in their life consciously and actively.

The question again, so how can such a one be said to fail? So then, what is failure? Failure is a reminder that I am HERE, it is a return to my work, it is a return to a work that is in my subconscious, sub to my walking state which is sleep, a return to a line of work that maintains its position. I am walking with a task, I become unconscious to it, I am gone, 2 hrs later I come back to myself; here I am again where I left off before I fell asleep to continue the work with the task I loss. It is the attitude of working on self that must change, for when I sleep and come back, I come back to a work that was put in my back pocket and I take it out to move forward. The more I come back, the further the points of sleep in-between become smaller and smaller. In this there is no failure, only a process of both involution and evolution, progress and regress, movement and repose, desire and non-desire, to work and not to work, without friction there is no development and this….is – my place upon the octave. 

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