What man has left behind from youth

What man has left behind from youth


Has the thought ever entered your mind, upon observing children at different stages of their development, why it seems that as they grow older a certain attribute of their youth diminishes? As if something has begun to cover an important element over, which we adults often identify as innocence? Those children, of a very young age, appear to be in a state where they do not look at life and individuals with the trappings that we do; there is a color in their expression, a sort of magic.

It is not necessarily wrong, to identify it as innocence, as this categorization is the result of attempting to place what one simply does not know, but can only seem to feel. Adults can feel a difference in children, as they were once children, and they can connect to the personalities that are connected to their childhood, and by doing so, they can mildly experience a nostalgia, a closeness to “something” which does not feel that evident in their common experiences now, which in all intents and purposes, has all but disappeared in their internal life.

This “something” is other worldly, if other worldly is related to this level of being, the world of man, and the world of man does not at all relate to this something, only to what is its own. At the level of man, we find the organic activities of a consciousness which finds its activity in relation to the forms which exists within its field of perception. In other words, the world of man deals with the lower level of mind, the personalities of that lower level, and the body, which the mind is hinged by the vibration of to function at that lower level. The Laws of Nature only takes man so far in its growth, it’s up to man to develop the mind from this default state by the Laws.

The World of Man, in short is designed to meet the needs of the segmented mind and its possible expansion/birth. Being a mental womb, it’s purposes is to give the mind the conditions, much like the physical womb, to grow and expand, and reach its full germination – it’s birth. The issue is that due to the World of Man appealing to the lower fragments of mind, results in these fragmentation’s supplanting essence-self for its birthright, which is to grow and manifest. The level of mind most exists within, gives rise to personalities, which although in many cases manifest due to the work that has to be achieved within the life they are living, totally covers over that something which is evident from birth, and perhaps can be felt from conception inside the mother, I am not a woman so I would have to ask a woman about this… but from my memories of being in the womb, I believe my mom could feel my essence.

At conception, which is the joining of the generating Sperm and the reflective Ovum, a kernel of the Soul-self becomes imprinted upon the resulting Zygote of the union. This Kernel is known as the essence-self, or the embryonic-image, which is the physical self of the upper heavenly kingdoms, sometimes portrayed as the Prodigal Son. The fullness of the Soul-self can not normally manifest in a physical body that can only support the vibration of its 3 dimensional nature, and the mind of the body, which normally is maintained to a lower point of human consciousness, cannot support its multidimensional and all-compassing reality in its polarized, undeveloped, and disharmonious state. In short the lower mind is simply not expanded to have the Soul-self be born in it, and the expansion of the lower mind depends on the transformation of the vibration associated with the physical body.

There is a dichotomy that is at play here, between The Essence-self and that which can be termed as ego-personality. The Ego-personality is the false personality of the lower mind, which gains strength over the Essence-Self, depending on the power of its connections to the world. The Essence-Self is that part of self which is a person’s authentic personality, which one parts from, usually but not exclusively, as everyone is different, at the age of 5 or 4. It so happens that at this age, man reaches the default maturing of a normally functioning motor, speech, and learning processes necessary to interact in the society of man. At this point gradually, as one comes more into the artificiality of their ego-personality, the more essence-self moves into a subconscious state. And this process of the gradual strengthening and fragmentation of ego-personality happens through education. This of course is not just the education of public school systems, but education can mean any outer influential source/presence or impressions that makes connections to points in personality causing further divisions and shifting. A proper education is needed, as the personalities should be strengthened in the positive and healthy way with their connections to the earth.

If you plant a seed in soil, and the soil doesn’t become suitable for the growth of the seed, it remains (in embryo), having never been able to manifest. The essence-self/embryonic images natural growth becomes atrophied when the ego-personality of lower mind becomes further strengthened, in an unhealthy way which is counter to ones Soul-self and the mind ceasing to never expand, due in part to ego-personality having never been developed. This atrophying process that takes place in a person is to such a degree that their essence-self is a total non-factor in their existence, it can be said that they don’t even have a Soul and it doesn’t mean they have to be what people would determine the worst type of person, and it’s a common condition. When you interact with people, you are interacting with a certain fragments out of the aggregations of personalities that make up their personality, which is a collective.

But although the above exist, the essence-self has a continual interconnectedness with ones Soul-Self, via a portal, a tunnel which maintains its connectedness. In short, while the essence-self would exist as a seed implanted within the mind, it is still within the reality of its Soul-self, via its connection and point in the soul-self – Quantum Entanglement comes to mind. This may seem like a paradox, but we exist within the mind of our soul-self, and there is nothing that is not mind. Like the parable of the sower and seed, the seed although thrown to the earth, maintains its reality as a seed within the tree it had fallen from. And this mental seed was implanted within the organic condition of the mind for its own development and this development is dependent upon the richness and purity of the soil. And this soil also acts like a protective film, shell for the seed of essence-self — the image of a nut which is resting within its protective outer shell comes to mind, or the flesh of a fruit which crowds its seeds.

The further one moves away from their birthright from their Soul Self, the essence-self, to ego-personality which may be totally involved (and influenced) in the sensations and vibrations of the lower natures and mindsets of this world, the further one is away from their Soul-Self. Some lives are so far removed, there is nothing that can be done for them, no matter the manipulation by the soul-self to reach them, and sometimes even massive shocks are not enough. It would be like laying cement over the unsuitable soil, but of course if there is enough moisture, even a plant can break through the cracks, but of course that takes a long time, and not a single life for such a person whose development is via the left hand of correction, that seem to not be able to turn that hand over to the right.

The only question is, what is it like to see or experience through essence-self? Since man is so withdrawn from his birthright, essence-self, he exists on autopilot – mechanically and thus far away from essence-self. But while man is asleep, his physical body and its appetites go into a doormat function, and it frees up the essence-self — as the functions related to the body go to slumber, the essence-self has less constraint. There has been the saying that dreams are a doorway to the soul, and while this is true, it is also a time where lucid dreaming is possible and essence self can go off to plan what needs to be accomplished for the next day with others. But one doesn’t have to be asleep to experience an attribute of essence-self… When one is able and capable to induce conscious-awareness, one is able to experience an attribute of essence-self. Whereas children only naturally experience an attribute of essence-self, an adult can experience this reality on a whole other scale, if they develop further this conscious-attribute.

In conscious-awareness one can begin to see through the essence-self, and see with eyes beyond the organic vision, the dull color of life is changed to glowingly bright forms — and with gradual maintenance, the other uniqueness of man and the laws upon man, can be seen in very DIRECT ways. It can not be diminished that, each of us, are dwelling within a big dream of our soul-selves. Just like in dreams, one can awaken, and gain control of the dream and utilize the dream to bring in themselves new capacities — to help overcome something difficult in their life, one can awaken in life to the conscious-awareness via their essence-self and achieve the same, and even more, during their waking state – like a waking lucid state.

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