Ascending the mount

There are many analogies with mountains, as mountains ascend naturally to what is above, the heavens, which in this case is the sky. And while a person stands at the bottom, it looks like the mountain is the meeting ground for the above to the below, its summit is a point of connection, where its height makes one ready to receive from the heavens which can nearly be touched at such altitude and almost, always as you go further up more does the rocky terrain becomes further covered in white. It becomes all to understandable why these earthly formations were seen as holy places, where the heavens can be reached and where the heavens can reach us, if we would but climb. No wonder knowledge meets you at the highest peak. And if this is applied allegorically, then one can begin to see its higher purposes, if you think of the levels of being which exists within you as a spectrum both descending and ascending.

 Ascend by night and ascend by day, to the higher peaks of ones own mind. but don’t forget to descend…

To quote, “Mount Analog” by Rene Daumal, from whom inspired this blogs namesake,

“You can not stay on the summit forever, you have to come on down again. so why bother in the first place? just this. What is above knows what is below, but what is below does not know what is above. In climbing always take note of difficulties along the way, as you go up you can observe them, as you come down you will no longer see them but you will know they’re there if you have observed them well. one climbs one sees. one descends one sees no longer but one has seen. there is an art of conducting oneself in the lower region by the memory of what one saw higher up, when one can no longer see one can at least still know.”

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